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Live the vampire life in the magical town of Moonlight Peaks!

Experience life as a vampire in the magical town of Moonlight Peaks! In this heartwarming life-sim, you set out to prove to your sceptical father, Count Dracula, that a life of compassion is possible - even for the undead.

Make friends with the local werewolves, witches and mermaids, and find your eternal love in the supernatural dating scene. Unlock ancient powers, brew potions and cast spells as you embrace the immortal life of a vampire.Unravel the mysteries of the seven families and step out of the shadow of your father, as you create your own legacy!

Unlock Your Inner Vampire

Choose from a wide range of customization options to create a character that truly represents who you are. As you progress in the game, you’ll also unlock powerful vampire abilities, allowing you to take on the characteristics of your immortal ancestors. From enhanced senses to shapeshifting, these abilities will give you the edge you need to rise to the top of the vampire hierarchy in Moonlight Peaks.

Design your dream vampire haven

Create your own vampire's paradise, a sanctuary that reflects your gothic taste. Select the perfect coffin and craft eerie decorations to give your home a touch of the macabre. With the ability to expand your farm plot and upgrade your home, the possibilities are endless.

Farm and Harvest Cursed Crops

Cultivate your farm with cursed crops and flowers! As a vampire, your main source of sustenance is cursed food, so growing and cursing crops like pumpkins and nightshade will be a vital aspect of the game.