Grasshopper Manufacture



Written Languages

English, French, German, Spanish

Release Date

28th October 2020 (Nintendo Switch)


Three years after Travis Touchdown was ranked #1 by the United Assassins Association, he finds himself falling down the ranks to #51. To make things worse, another assassin—Skelter Helter—swears revenge against Travis for the death of his brother.

Fueled by his own desires and a thirst for vengeance, the ultimate otaku assassin unsheathes his beam katana once again and plunges headfirst into an all-new battle!

Kick back, grab a slice, and get ready to dive into a mind-melting drama the likes of which you've never seen!

The easy-to-learn, hard-to-master combat that made No More Heroes a cult classic returns, with the hack-and-slash insanity cranked all the way up to eleven!

Featuring three playable characters, the ability to dual-wield beam katanas, and even bigger baddies to battle, this sexy sequel is a wild ride with more to love than ever before.

Jump through combat as the agile Shinobu or leave foes in the dust as Travis' brother, Henry.

Experience a blast from the past by playing 8-bit minigames to earn money and power up!


Licensed to and published by Marvelous Europe Ltd.


©Marvelous Inc. Developed by Grasshopper Manufacture Inc.

Age Rating

PEGI 18, USK 18, ACB R18+