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17 October 2019 (PC via Steam), 17 October 2019 (PlayStation 4)


Travis Touchdown wanders into the game world and embarks on a rampage of epic proportions in Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes featuring improved High Definition visuals. Beam Katana in hand, slice and dice through a variety of game worlds, then square up to the boss at the end of each game!

Several years after No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, Travis is living his best life in a trailer in the American south, along with his pet cat Jeane. The open air, absolute freedom and plenty of video games…what more could an otaku assassin want? That is until Badman, the father of Travis’ past opponent Bad Girl, shows up to exact revenge for Travis’ role in her demise!

During the ensuing battle, things go horribly wrong and the two are sucked into the Death Drive Mk II – a legendary gaming console that plays games using mysterious objects known as Death Balls. It’s said that collecting all six Death Balls – and beating the games that they contain – will grant the successful player one wish…

Now Travis and Badman must put aside their differences, team up and fight their way through several game worlds in a bid to gain that elusive wish, exterminating every last Bug as they go.

Exhilarating Action Spanning Multiple Game Worlds

The legendary games console, the Death Drive Mk. II has a diverse games library that you can play! But each of those games has its own hero who might not be happy to see Travis, and each game’s world is drastically different from the others.

Hack-and-Slash Co-op Action

Badman hates Travis for killing his daughter, but through a twist of fate the two end up fighting together. Have Travis and Badman team up for co-op play. Unleash their charge attacks simultaneously for a badass team attack!*

*Co-op play requires two controllers. Using a combination of keyboard/mouse + controller will not work.

Seven years have passed since the deadly battle of No More Heroes 2.

Our story takes place in a small town in the middle of nowhere in the American South.

Badman shows up at the trailer Travis has been living in to exact revenge for the murder of his daughter, Bad Girl.

Having finally caught up to him, it seemed as though Badman had Travis in the bag. But as the two fight it out, the mortal enemies are somehow sucked into the world of the legendary video game console, the Death Drive Mk II.

Seek out and collect the Deathballs in the Adventure Part of Travis Strikes Back!

Saddle up on the motorcycle at the trailer to jump into the “story mode” portion of Travis Strikes Back, where you’ll be tasked with searching for the various Deathballs!

Find the lost Deathballs and dive into each title’s own unique world!


Travis’s latest opponents: the main characters of their own games

Games from a wide variety of genres can be played on the legendary game console - the Death Drive Mk II!

Dive into each game to take on the main characters of each respective title!

Travis Touchdown
The guy who battled his way up through the rankings of the United Assassins Association to #1. A dyed-in-the-wool otaku. Extremely well-versed in pro wrestling, movies, and Japanese anime.


Bad Girl’s father. While he holds a deadly grudge against Travis for the murder of his daughter, his current circumstances find him having to fight alongside his arch nemesis.

Electro Triple Star

A world-class architect and electrotechnical engineer. He was the architect of Electric Speed City and lives in town with his beloved wife and two daughters. A huge fan of comic book heroes, he's been remodeling and modding appliances and electronics since he was a child. He loves electric-type weapons. He met his wife at the Toast Gym.


Doppelganger was once a social worker, helping young people who had fallen through the cracks of society. One day, something set him off, leading him to murder his wife and then all of the "garbage people" throughout the city, claiming 3200 victims as a newly-minted serial killer. His weapon of choice was a corkscrew.

Brian Buster Jr.

Prince and next in line to the throne of the small Scandinavian country of Ulmarc. After having both eyes gouged out and his father assassinated, he is able to meet his father once again - in the form of a robot. Quite a handsome man, he worked as a model while still in school.

Ulvarian (Brian Buster Sr.)

A robot into which the brain of the 28th king of Ulmarc was transplanted. An almost legendary figure, also known as the "Wooden Suit", which was said to have been piloted by the first king of Ulmarc when he unified the kingdom.

Smoking King

A former junior champion sumo wrestler. After teaming up with the Kinryu-gumi yakuza syndicate and becoming involved up in the brutal murders of said syndicate's rival family, he was able to get off by claiming self-defense - but was also forced to retire. Since then, he's acted as a bodyguard for the Kinryu-gumi while also racing for them in the Golden Dragon GP. While he races for the sake of making the Kinryu-gumi the world's top crime syndicate, he wears masks to prevent anyone from finding out his true identity.

Eight Hearts

The reborn form of former demon/skull Johnson. Recognizable by his, uh, eight hearts. Able to transform into a variety of “guns” to launch attacks, just like Johnson did.

Silver Face

The undefeated champion of Killer Marathon. While notorious for his instinctual love of mass murder, he is actually plagued by a very uncharacteristic problem. Master of the Infinite Death Punch.

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PEGI 16, USK 16, ACB MA15+