Marvelous First Studio


Horror, Action, RPG

Release Date

19 May 2022 (Nintendo Switch), 19 May 2022 (PlayStation 4), 19 May 2022 (PlayStation 5), 19 May 2022 (PC via Steam), 19 May 2022 (Xbox One), 19 May 2022 (Xbox Series X|S)


Welcome to DEADCRAFT, a new twist on the zombie survival-action genre!

In a world ravaged by a deadly virus, half-zombie Reid must survive not only by taking an axe, weedwhacker— anything he can get his hands on—to hordes of the undead, but by growing some zombie followers of his own.

Choose your allies and enemies wisely as you try to make it through the apocalypse alive!

Undead Action - Use Reid's half-zombie side to unleash devastating powers in battle. Whether your targets are human or undead, crush all who stand in your way!

Zombie Crafting -
Collect and plant the corpses of your enemies to grow your very own zombie workers, then scavenge for materials to create all manner of weapons, tools—even some post-apocalyptic cuisine. Don't stop until you've built an unstoppable undead army!

Survival at Any Cost -
You won't survive a day in the wasteland without food and water—earn your living by helping others, or simply take what you want by force.

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