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      Why work with us?

      We’ve undergone an exciting period of change and growth over the last few years, building upon our foundation as a small-scale publisher to become an increasingly agile business that helps our partners commercially deliver on their creative vision in a rapidly evolving gaming ecosystem.

      Given our current business scope, we aim to support a few new game partnerships per year - usually small to mid-sized developers from around the world who have shipped a game together already or are a work for hire studio with great experience and a strong idea. Our key goal is to add commercial value to projects and support great teams, new and existing.

      As part of a global business, we combine our scale with a down-to-earth but highly skilled European publishing team based in London. We work closely and collaboratively with our worldwide partners while making sure they have the creative freedom they need to build the games they’re imagining. We value humility, empathy and our relationships are based on mutual respect and the value we feel we can add to the team or project.

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