Thank you very much for playing DEADCRAFT. We’re currently aware of a progress-blocking issue that occurs under certain conditions, and we’d like to take the time to explain this issue and how to avoid it. Furthermore, we’ve already found the cause of the block and are currently working to resolve it.

[Progress-Blocking Issue Under Certain Conditions]

  • When reporting in a completed mission, if another mission is currently displayed on-screen, a progress-blocking issue will occur.

How the Issue Occurs:

  • Progress through the game until you are ready to report in the completion of the “Crafting is Life” mission.
  • Accept any mission from the Mission Board or from residents, then switch the displayed request from “Crafting is Life.” (The displayed mission can be changed by using the right directional input.)
  • Report to Vernon to complete the “Crafting is Life” mission.
  • Lose all your health to enemies and then select “Continue.”
  • The necessary event to proceed through the game will no longer trigger, making it impossible to progress.

Other missions that are currently affected:

  • Tag Team
  • Find the Cheer Soldier
  • Step 2! Get Strong!

* There is a possibility that other missions may also be affected by the above issue.

How to Avoid:

  • When reporting in a completed mission, make sure to have that same mission displayed on-screen.
  • Since this issue can trigger fairly easily, we highly recommend saving frequently. If you happen to have save data that has already been affected by this block, rest assured that the update will resolve the issue and allow for progress.

[Other Confirmed Issues]

  • Certain players have reported a crash issue once they began dealing with the Zombie’s Guild. (Only affects the PS5 version.)
  • Other minor issues

We are planning to have an update ready by mid-June. We’re deeply sorry for the inconvenience, and appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to resolve these issues.