Grab Your Spatula and Go Dungeon-delving in Cuisineer’s Upcoming Steam Next Fest Demo

Today we've confirmed that Cuisineer, BattleBrew Productions' upcoming food-focused action roguelite, will be participating in Steam Next Fest, from June 19-26, with a brand-new demo!

On today’s menu: The diverse biomes Pom, Cuisineer’s young adventurer turned restauranteur, will explore and battle through as they gather the ingredients needed to cook up delicious meals. From marshy swamplands to icy caves, Pom will need to scour four diverse biomes on her quest for the finest ingredients in the land. Each adventure will pose unique challenges and rewards, with procedural generation creating new layouts, enemy camps, and ingredients native to the respective biomes for you to explore.

Sneak a peek at Cuisineer’s Smorgasbord of Dungeons in Latest Video :

One day, Pom returns to her hometown of Paell to see her parents only to find their restaurant closed for business and deep in debt. Now, she must re-open the restaurant and make it thrive. To collect ingredients from the land Pom pursues adventure in the world outside Paell, wielding her cooking utensils against giant chickens, artillery shrimps, fire-breathing peppers, and other pesky perils, sipping boba tea along the way. Cook up a frenzy and grow the derelict eatery into a sensational restaurant that will make Pom’s parents proud.