Potionomics: Masterwork Edition coming to consoles Autumn 2024

Potionomics: Masterwork Edition will bubble up on consoles with all the post-launch updates and improvements released to date, plus new voice acting, a fresh Endless gameplay mode, additional difficulty levels, and more.

The art of Potionomics begins with perfecting your potion-brewing craft and building your deck of haggling cards to help you make the most of each sale. In order to succeed in Rafta’s lively economy you’ll need to get to know the colorful residents who will help you collect new recipes, elite ingredients, and even all-new cards for your deck. Whether it’s your first day on the job or you’re a sorcerer’s salesman, the magic of capitalism has never been more alive than in Potionomics: Masterwork Edition.

Wheel and Deal
Negotiations can be tense when every coin counts, but you'll manage Sylvia’s stress with ease by playing your cards right. Develop friendships with adventurers and other shopkeepers on Rafta to learn even more advanced negotiation tactics.

Recipe for Success

Choose the best ingredients to make even basic potions extraordinary, perfecting the taste and aroma to please your pickiest customers. But beware—if you aren’t careful, you'll get some pretty gross results!

Fantastic Friends and Foes

Rafta, home to some of the world's most potent magic, is packed with big RPG personalities, each seeking a leg up in their adventures. Befriend and recruit them to help you level up your own potion game, but don't expect everyone to be friendly…

Your Shop, Your Rules

Make your shop really pop with customizable decor. Style points aren't the only perk; decorating your shop just right can improve your prices, make better quality potions, and more!

The new content and features will also be made available to the PC version of Potionomics simultaneously with the release of the Masterwork Edition. More information about the updates coming to the PC version will be revealed at a later date.

About Potionomics: Masterwork Edition:
As Sylvia, a spunky and prideful protagonist, players will need to learn how to brew the best potions in Rafta and then market their wares to adventurers visiting their shop. Selling potions as a novice potion maker can be a daunting task, with negotiations playing out through a card-based system where players will seek to balance Sylvia’s stress levels while getting the most money they can for her wares. But worry not as many of these customers, including other shopkeepers, can be befriended for a range of benefits including learning advanced bargaining tactics. Depending on how Sylvia plays her cards, some of these customers may become more than just friends. No matter what, Sylvia will need to use all her knowledge and skills to make her shop THE number-one potion destination in Rafta!