A whirlwind of whimsical, wordy wizardry is coming to Steam in 2024 with Leximan

Today, we're excited to announce Leximan! Created by developer Knights of Borria, Leximan is a wholesome narrative-adventure in a surprising modern-fantasy world, driven by bizarre characters, mystical word puzzles and hilarious minigames.

In Leximan, you’re lucky enough to be enrolled in the world’s most exclusive magic school: Academy Elementinia. Unfortunately, this is a world in which magic is a bit embarrassing... Still, you alone have the ability to use Leximancy, a hitherto unimaginable power driven by something as fascinating as it is enchanting: language. Years ago you caused THINGS to happen, and ever since then you've been banished to the school basement with the other failures -- I mean ‘learners’ - but your life as a humble basement-wizard is abruptly interrupted as Academy Elementinia is attacked by someone with a baffling agenda and a huge set of fireballs. Now it’s time to become the outcast that saves the school. Or if you don’t vibe with heroics, at least cause some more THINGS to happen.

Feast your eyes on this marvelous announcement trailer:

Don your trusty hat, ready your lexicon and head over to Steam to figure out words, puzzles, and a bunch of minigames in the Super Alpha Demo of Leximan, available now for a limited time!

Embark on a brilliant adventure, using words and incompetence to solve bizarre problems and unravel a surprisingly wholesome story about embracing and empowering the real you while you bother a chaotic cast of characters, from potion witches and sweaty musclemancers, to a bombastic policewoman and a pyromancer who's just fed up, to be honest. There are also hat goblins - give hats to the hat goblins, please and thank you.