We want our channels to be a safe and fun place for all our players and we appreciate your help keeping them that way!

These guidelines apply to all our spaces including social media channels. Please, when you engage with one of our accounts or environments take note of all of the below.

  • Please don’t post offensive, inappropriate, illegal or spam content or irrelevant external links. Avoid overly violent and/or sexual content and do not share content involving or promoting assault, doxing, swatting, gambling, illegal drugs, animal cruelty, fraud, hacking.
  • We do not tolerate sharing of malicious programs, hacks, cheats or the advertising of these exploits. Please also make sure not to share or use content you didn’t create or have permission from the owner to use. Credit the creator if you’re sharing/reposting the content of others.
  • We welcome diversity in race, ethnicity, color, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability and nationality. We do not tolerate hate, bullying, harassment or discrimination. Do not engage in any offensive or inappropriate behaviour towards our staff or other members of the community.
  • Please don’t use our channels to publish sensitive information (yours or others) or to impersonate others or to take advantage of fellow players by deceiving them.

The action we take regarding violations of these rules is determined on a case by case basis.

If you would like to report someone please do so via the channel’s notification system.

We are always open to constructive criticism so if you’d like to offer feedback respectfully please email us via [email protected]

Please make sure you are following these rules as well as the channel’s terms and conditions for use when engaging with our content.

We reserve the right to amend these rules at any time.