Action RPG

Audio Languages

English, Japanese

Written Languages

English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese

Release Date

3rd October 2023 (Nintendo Switch), 3rd October 2023 (PC via Steam)


In a world without words, what hope is there for humanity? Silent Hope takes place in a once-peaceful land, silenced by the former King who stole people’s speech before escaping into the endless chasm known as The Abyss. Following these events, the Princess mourned her father’s actions and wept until she was entombed by her own crystallized tears. Now, years after these events faded from memory, seven heroes find themselves drawn towards the Princess. To break her free from her luminous prison, they must brave the depths of The Abyss to find the long-lost King and reunite the royal family.

Silent Hope harkens back to the glory days of isometric dungeon-crawlers while infusing them with a modern approach. Players will take the role of seven unlikely heroes, each with their own unique weapons, fighting styles, and non-combat jobs. After diving into The Abyss to battle enemies and collect materials, the heroes return to Base Camp to craft, cook, and rest up for their next adventure. Each journey into The Abyss will be a fresh experience, with randomized layouts ensuring every excursion has the element of chance, with even greater dangers lurking the further the heroes dare to venture


Choose from a motley crew of characters like the well-rounded Wanderer, long-range specialist Archer, or heavy-hitting Warrior to find whose skills suit your playstyle, and embrace new roles and abilities as you gain more experience.


Find new recipes and materials and return to your Base Camp at the edge of The Abyss, where each character has a unique job. From alchemist to blacksmith to cook, each hero brings something different.


Experience a new layout each time you enter the enigmatic Abyss, keeping you on your toes every moment you explore, and look out for Memory Rifts, where greater rewards -- and challenges -- await.


With its mournful princess, spellbound kingdom, and everyday heroes, it feels like a fairy tale come to life – right down to the mysteries waiting to be uncovered in the visually stunning underworld.



A versatile combatant who wields a sword and shield. He’s a jack of all trades and master of none at base camp. Whenever one of his comrades leaves to explore the Abyss, he takes over the responsibilities of their facility.


Wields two-handed weapons to deliver slow but devastating attacks, and absorbs more hits than her companions. She’s a craftswoman who happily spends her days at base camp creating arms and armor for her fellow heroes.


A maid by trade with many hidden talents. In battle, she takes advantage of stealth, status effects, and superior speed to catch her enemies off guard. At base camp, she crafts items of peerless quality for the group.


A hunter who has an affinity for animals. He brandishes his bow to shoot foes from a distance and nimbly dodges most attacks heading his way. At base camp, he takes care of the group's livestock.


A farmer that uses abilities that buff herself and weaken enemies. She can also call upon small animals to aid her in combat. At base camp, she tends a tiny farm, growing yummy fruits and vegetables that the whole group can enjoy.


A fighter who satisfies the group’s bellies with amazing meals. She isn't afraid to get her hands dirty in the kitchen or on the battlefield. This glass cannon mows her enemies down with fast, powerful attacks.


A world-class alchemist. He chooses to fight from afar by casting powerful spells and teleporting away from danger. He's always eager to synthesize new materials for the group using his cauldron back at base camp.


The former ruler of a peaceful, prosperous kingdom. When a series of natural disasters led to widespread unrest, turning his subjects against each other, he responded by robbing them of speech and leaping into the Abyss. No one has seen him since...


A mysterious, kind-hearted young woman encased in a giant crystal. When seven strangers suddenly show up, drawn to her side by seven strange lights, she asks them to brave the Abyss and find the King.