Fate/EXTELLA LINK Emperor of Paladins is a collectors edition including Mahjong Tiles designed by series illustrator Arco Wong

Fate/EXTELLA LINK - Emperor of Paladins Edition (PS4)

Marvelous Europe Limited

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Release Date: 22nd March 2019

Offering the best that the MOON CELL AUTOMATON has to offer this Emperor of Paladins Edition of Fate/EXTELLA LINK for the PlayStation 4 combines all of the glorious content from the Joyeuse Edition of Fate/EXTELLA LINK with Fate/EXTELLA Holy Tile of the Moon Mahjong set, that was only previously released in Japan. 

Emperor of Paladins Edition Contents:

  • Fate/EXTELLA LINK for PlayStation 4
  • Soundtrack CD featuring 26 tracks
  • Pack of 10 collectible 7.6cm by 12.7cm cards depicting each of the new Servants
  • 43.1cm by 60.9cm cloth poster featuring the key visual artwork
  • 7.6cm by 11.4cm acrylic diorama featuring the Servants Nero, Drake, and Scáthach
  • Premium Presentation Box
  • Holy Moon of the Tile Mahjong Set containing 144 Tiles with Counters & Dice; presented in it's own original presentation box

Picking up right where the 2017 smash hit Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star left off, Fate/EXTELLA LINK adds 10 Servants to the original roster of 16. The high-speed action gameplay has been refined, and players will battle their way through massive invading armies to protect the virtual world of SE.RA.PH from an invading force. Players on PS4™ system can now engage in massive 4-on-4 online battles with up to 7 other players. Foes will quiver at the True Name of players’ Noble Phantasms as they assume the role of their favorite Servant.

Fate/EXTELLA LINK Key Features

  • Combatants from Across the Fate Universes Join the Fray–- In addition to the 16 original Servants from Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star, 10 characters from other Fate series will enter battle as playable Servants, including Astolfo, Scáthach, and Francis Drake
  • Hunker Down in Base Camp–- Players can move freely around their army’s base camp—a medieval cathedral raised into the sky—and interact with their Servants to build meaningful bonds.
  • Polished Graphics and Battle Mechanics–- Players can experience refined combat mechanics and graphics through the game.

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