Zooey Character DLC Now Available for Granblue Fantasy: Versus

The epic adventure across the sky continues as today Zooey joins Granblue Fantasy: Versus with the release of brand-new downloadable content on both the PlayStation Store and STEAM.

Those who own Character Pass 1, Digital Character Pass Set and Digital Deluxe Edition on the PlayStation 4 will be able to access Zooey upon installing the latest version (v1.31) of Granblue Fantasy: Versus. Those who do not own these editions will be able to purchase the characters individually from the PlayStation Store. 

GBVS Additional Character Set 5 (Zooey):

  • Playable Character 'Zooey'
  • Lobby Avatar x1
  • Star Character Icon x1
  • Additional RPG Mode Quest x2
  • Serial Code for the Original 'Granblue Fantasy' [PS4 Only]

    *Included in GBVS Character Pass 1, Digital Character Pass Set and Digital Deluxe Edition

    To access the 'serial code for the Original Granblue Fantasy game' the 'Zooey' Character pack, known as GBVS Additional Character Set 5 (Zooey), must be downloaded from the PlayStation Store. This item will appear as a 'free' purchase on the PlayStation Store to those who already own Character Pass 1, Digital Character Pass Set or the Digital Deluxe Edition of Granblue Fantasy: Versus.

    In addition to the release of Zooey we can also confirm that the Jewel Resort Stage DLC is also available to purchase from the PlayStation Store. This downloadable content adds a new arena to fight in as well as four additional lobby avatars for use within the games online mode.

    GBVS Additional Stage (Jewel Resort):

    • Additional Battle Stage 'Jewel Resort'
    • Lobby Avatar 'Therese'
    • Lobby Avatar 'Bunny Girl'
    • Lobby Avatar 'Referee'
    • Lobby Avatar 'Bob'

    The Jewel Resort battle stage is NOT included in Character Pass 1, Digital Character Pass Set or the Digital Deluxe Edition of the game and has to be purchased separately. In order to use Jewel Resort stage DLC the latest version (v1.31) of Granblue Fantasy: Versus has to be installed.

    The DLC character Zooey and the additional battle stage Jewel Resort have also been released for the Windows PC version of the game and can be purchased through STEAM. Those who have Character Pass Set installed will automatically receive access to Zooey upon updating to the latest version of the game.

    Granblue Fantasy: Versus is available to purchase as digital premium editions for the PlayStation 4, known as the Character Pass Set and Digital Deluxe Edition, as well as the standard digital edition, from PlayStation Store while the standard physical release is available from selected retailers across Europe. Granblue Fantasy: Versus is also available worldwide on STEAM.