Your Personal Trainer has Arrived with Knockout: Home Fitness on Nintendo Switch

Marvelous Europe Limited are today excited to announce that the rhythm based fitness game, Knockout: Home Fitness, is now available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch within Europe and Australia.

Developed in partnership with Japan's leading personal training app, Knockout: Home Fitness sees players immerse themselves in calorie-burning exercises simply by using the Nintendo Switch joy-cons. As part of these exercises players will be introduced to numerous martial arts practices, including Boxing, Karate and Muay Thai, while being supported by one of four different in-game trainers, each of which will be fully voiced in English, French and German languages.

Those looking to improve their fitness long term can embrace the Personal Training Mode, a daily training program that is customised to your specific goals with your in-game trainer, while those looking for something more casual can enjoy 3-minute Fitness Mode, a quick and easy workout with lots of different exercises to explore, with any of the routines available in game. New routines also become accessible the more you play, with faster routines delivering a knockout home fitness workout.

To celebrate the launch of Knockout: Home Fitness, and to give players a teaser of the activities within , Marvelous Europe Limited have released a playable demo onto the Nintendo eShop. This playable demo includes a tutorial, which will guide players through the mechanics of the game, and five different workout sessions. The demo is limited to twenty workout sessions per Nintendo account.

Knockout: Home Fitness is now available physically, at participating retailers, and digitally, from the Nintendo eShop, for the Nintendo Switch within Europe and Australia. Further information relating to Knockout: Home Fitness, including links to available retailers, can be found on the official Marvelous Games website.