An Important Update for Owners of the Super Sonico DLC within Europe/Australia

As some of you may know, the Super Sonico DLC for SENRAN KAGURA Peach Beach Splash has been available for purchase since Friday 20th October 2017 on the European PlayStation Store.

For those of you who bought the Playable Character ‘Super Sonico’ item, this was intended to contain all 5 Super Sonico related items (character, outfit, doll, fan and flag).

The Playable Character ‘Super Sonico’ item that was available to purchase from the 20th October 2017 did not come with these extra items, so we have removed Playable Character ‘Super Sonico’ item from the PlayStation Store and the fixed Super Sonico Character bundle will be added to European PlayStation Store next week, on the 7th November 2017.

We have also set it up so that anybody who bought the Playable Character ‘Super Sonico’ item before it was removed from the European PlayStation Store will receive the other 4 items for free. This offer will become available when the fixed Super Sonico Character Bundle is released onto the European PlayStation Store next week, on the 7th November 2017.

If you purchased the Playable Character ‘Super Sonico’ item AND any of the other Super Sonico items separately, please contact us at and we’ll try to get you sorted out. We are terribly sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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  • I absolutely love senran kagura games. I feel as if you are missing out on a huge market by covering the best parts during gameplay. I own all the games (even the cheesy cooking one and the weird switch one in japanese) I would pay to have the “sprites” removed. There has to be a way to remove them without compromising integrity or gameplay. I’ve heard some hackers do it on pc but I’m not so technically inclined and use consoles fir gaming. Please tell me there is going to be an add on released to remove them. It would probly bring you millions and bring life to the older games again. I still love you anyway. Keep up on the epic adult flavoured games.


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