Massage your way to Asuka's heart in SENRAN KAGURA Reflexions - out now for Nintendo Switch

"In a classroom bathed in twilight, the shinobi-in-training Asuka approaches you. She extends her hand, and you place it in yours, your fingers touching. She looks troubled. As you hold her hand, her imagination whisks you off to a battlefield, where she is a ninja on a secret mission. Only you can help her relax enough to complete her assignment. Using your hands, start with her fingers, then her hands.... Suddenly, you are back in the classroom. From there, her imagination takes you to a bedroom, a school nurse's office, backstage at a concert..."

Get closer than ever before to the shinobi girls of SENRAN KAGURA in the latest instalment of the ever-popular genre-spanning series - SENRAN KAGURA Reflexions, available to purchase and download from today for the Nintendo Switch platform.

After brutal melees, rhythmic cooking contests and shockingly serious water gun fights, the SENRAN KAGURA series is ready to take on the world of interactive storytelling for the first time and give players a chance to get to know the shinobi heroine Asuka in surprising new ways.

SENRAN KAGURA Reflexions uses the unique properties of the Joy-Con and HD rumble technology to employ the art of reflexology and massage - get 'hands on' and help melt away Asuka's worries and stresses by hand or through a variety of useful tools. Explore deeper relationships than have ever been possible in the series before - the better you react to Asuka's signals, the closer you will become.

"Wherever you go, Asuka wants to get closer to you. Get more comfortable and, with time, take your place in this shinobi girl's heart."

Interacting with Asuka in different ways will lead to branching story paths. With seven different story lines and multiple endings, only a master of shinobi reflexology can experience them all.

Dress for success and customise your special girl’s outfit, hair and accessories in the Dressing Room. Fan-favourite outfits and options from the SENRAN KAGURA series return, along with new ones.

Joining Asuka will be a number of fan-favourite characters from the SENRAN KAGURA series as DLC, each with their own stories, scenarios and costumes. Yumi, Murasaki, Ryōna and Yomi will be available in the coming weeks and can be downloaded from the Nintendo eShop.

Developed by Honey Parade Games, SENRAN KAGURA Reflexions is published on the Nintendo Switch platform in Europe by Marvelous Europe and in North America by XSEED Games. The game is rated PEGI 16 in Europe, USK 18 in Germany, MA15+ in Australia and M for Mature in North America.

Buy SENRAN KAGURA Reflexions today from the UK Nintendo eShop, US Nintendo eShop, French Nintendo eShop, Australian Nintendo eShop or European Nintendo eShop.


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