SENRAN KAGURA Reflexions - A 'Hands On' Guide to Unlocking the True Ending

Enjoying SENRAN KAGURA Reflexions but haven't discovered all of the scenarios and magical endings yet? Well here's our 'hands on' guide to uncovering the true ending and unlocking Asuka's heart.

This particular guide will focus on the base game (i.e. Asuka) but the same advice can also apply to the DLC characters; Yumi, Murasaki, Ryona and Yomi.

The objective of SENRAN KAGURA Reflexions is to obtain five different moods/emotions; each of which represent a piece of the characters heart. These moods/emotions are represented in game as colours - namely green, red, yellow, purple and blue - and each collected colour (vial) will unlock a new heart piece.

When all five heart pieces have been collected, and a full heart created, the true ending will be presented. Each mood/emotion (i.e.colour) also features its own ending; but the true ending can only be obtained once all five colours have been collected.

The First Playthrough:

The first playthrough acts as an introduction to the unique world of SENRAN KAGURA and bridges the gap between player and character. This first playthrough also acts as the games tutorial with each portion of the game being explained to you with on-screen-tutorial messages. During this first playthrough, the player will play through five different scenarios (with a total of seven available) to obtain the first coloured vial.

Interacting with the character during the Standard Reflexology Sessions (similar to Intimacy Mode in past SENRAN KAGURA games) will provoke a response depending on where the character is touched. For instance, touching the arm could yield a 'red' emotion, while touching the leg could yield a 'blue' emotion.

Each of these seven scenarios have different emotion (colour) placements - it is up to the player to find the colours they desire. Moving the Joy Con in a different manner (such as prodding, massaging or grabbing) can also yield different emotion (colour) responses from the character.

When collecting vials, the main colour can change if certain colours are mixed together. For instance, if the first two scenarios yield two red emotions and the third scenario results in a blue emotion, the vial will change to purple. To easily obtain the true ending I would suggest focusing on a single emotion (colour) for each playthrough - as mixing emotions (colours) could result in the wrong coloured vial being awarded.

Second to Fifth Playthroughs:

For best results, and to unlock the true ending, the second to fifth playthroughs of SENRAN KAGURA Reflexions should be aimed at collecting the remaining colour vials.

As an example, if in the first playthough you obtain a red vial, then you only need to collect the yellow, blue, purple and green vials on your subsequent playthroughs. By planning ahead for which coloured vial you want to collect, you can avoid unnecessary replays of the main campaign.

Of course if you forget which emotions (colours) / coloured vials have been collected you can press the 'hint' option during the Reflexology game menu to display a list of those currently obtained.


Each collected vial will result in a slightly different ending, and when all five colours have been collected, the true ending will be revealed (after the ending of the last coloured vial you collect).

Upon completion of the main campaign, the player can replay the main campaign and any vials collected (whether it be for heart pieces or individual scenarios) will remain. This means that players can aim for 100% completion rate by obtaining all colours/emotions for each scenario, in addition to the true ending completion.

Unlocking Content for Diorama and Dressing Room:

A selection of new content will unlock naturally by playing through the game in order to receive the true ending.

However, additional content can be unlocked by collecting all five emotions (colours) for each of the seven scenarios in the main campaign. Content unlocked can include additional outfits, accessories and diorama backgrounds.. 

On the title screen, the main background can be changed after completion of the game. An additional background can also be unlocked and used when the true ending has been viewed. 


Just like past SENRAN KAGURA games, a full diorama and dressing room is included. Any items unlocked as part of the game's campaign mode, or purchased from the Nintendo eShop, can be used to change the appearance of the character and their poses in the diorama mode, as well as interacted with in the mini-reflexology setting.

After the first playthrough, the customised character option is unlocked and can be used in the main campaign (and for all previously played scenarios) by altering the settings via the secret menu on the menu screen.


So, there you have it - a quick guide to getting the most from SENRAN KAGURA Reflexions for Nintendo Switch and your first hand look at becoming a reflexology master.

SENRAN KAGURA Reflexions is now available to purchase for the Nintendo Switch from the Nintendo eShop. A selection of DLC, which adds new characters, outfits, accessories and diorama poses, is also available to purchase from the Nintendo eShop.

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