SENRAN KAGURA Reflexions DLC Release Schedule

With SENRAN KAGURA Reflexions available to purchase from the Nintendo eShop for the Nintendo Switch it is time we revealed the downloadable content that we have planned for release over the coming weeks.

Additional content will be released each week until early October; with new content including outfits, accessories and diorama poses being made available. In addition to these luxurious items new Character Sets, known as Reflexion Course & Outfit Sets, will be released on a weekly basis which add additional characters to SENRAN KAGURA Reflexions; each with their own unique story.

These Reflexion Course & Outfit Set packs will add Yumi, Murasaki, Ryōna and Yomi to the game, each of which can be used in the Dressing Room and Diorama modes of SENRAN KAGURA Reflexions in addition to exploring their own unique story. Outfits and accessories included as part of the Character Reflexion Course & Outfit Set packs can also be purchased individually from the Nintendo eShop.

The DLC release schedule for SENRAN KAGURA Reflexions is as follows:

Week 1: 13th September 2018:

Title Price
Yumi Reflexions Course & 9 Outfit Set
(Includes Yumi Outfit Set 1 & 2)
Yumi Outfit Set 1 FREE
Yumi Outfit Set 2 £4.49
New Outfit Set £7.19
Newlyweds Outfit Set £2.69
New Accessory Set £2.99
30 Accessory Set £8.99
New Diorama Pose Set 1 £2.29

Week 2: 20th September 2018:

Title Price
Murasaki Reflexions Course & 7 Outfit Set
(Includes Murasaki Outfit Set 1 & 2)
Murasaki Outfit Set 1 FREE
Murasaki Outfit Set 2 £3.59
Hairstyle Set  £2.69
New Diorama Pose Set 2 £2.29

Week 3: 27th September 2018: 

Title Price
Ryōna Reflexions Course & 7 Outfit Set
(Includes Ryōna Outfit Set 1 & 2)
Ryōna Outfit Set 1 FREE
Ryōna Outfit Set 2 £3.59
Gym Uniform Outfit Set £2.69

Week 4: 4th October 2018:

Title Price
Yomi Reflexions Course & 9 Outfit Set
(Includes Yomi Outfit Set 1 & 2)
Yomi Outfit Set 1 FREE
Yomi Outfit Set 2 £3.59

 *Price may vary depending on the Nintendo eShop region. 

SENRAN KAGURA Reflexions is now available digitally within Europe for the Nintendo Switch from the Nintendo eShop and is rated PEGI 16, USK 18 and MA15+.

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