SENRAN KAGURA Peach Beach Splash Week 4 Downloadable Content Now Available!

Marvelous Europe are today excited to announce that the fourth wave of downloadable content for the summer themed 'third-person-splasher' SENRAN KAGURA Peach Beach Splash is now available to purchase from the European PlayStation Store for the PlayStation 4.

This fourth week of downloadable content will introduce a selection of new outfits, including a range of transparent outfits which become see-through when wet. 

A full list of what is available can be found below:

Week 4 Mega Bundle:

The Week 4 Mega Bundle contains everything listed below in a single pack.

Available as Bundles and as Individual Items.

The items listed below can be purchased individually from the PlayStation Store or as part of a bundle.

Outfit Set Vol. 3:

This bundle contains the following items:

Transparent Outfit Set Vol.1:

This bundle contains the following items:

Individual Items:

The items listed below can be downloaded individually from the PlayStation Store or as part of the Week 4 Mega Bundle.

    SENRAN KAGURA Peach Beach Splash is available both physically and digitally within Europe. A Physical Collector’s Edition, known as the ‘Girls of Paradise’ Edition, containing a physical copy of the game plus an array of refreshing physical goods, is also available from the Marvelous Games Store. A Digital Deluxe Edition, known as the ‘Sexy Soaker’ Edition, containing a digital soundtrack app, and exclusive DLC is available for purchase from the PlayStation®Store.


    • @DARKB1KE Health Bars appear above a playable characters head when you are locked on to them.

      For the “100 kills” trophies these apply to playable characters (such as Asuka, Homura, Yumi etc) rather than than the enemies in the early stages of story mode (or survival mode).

    • When will we see enemy health bars? I can’t really tell when the enemy is gonna go down, especially when going for trophies such as “100 kills with pets”

    • @Scott
      just got mega pack 3 and 4 and the D.O.A set.
      Brings me up to a full 140 add-ons and 2 themes.
      Thank you again your info was greatly appreciated.

      Colton Grundy

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