SENRAN KAGURA ESTIVAL VERSUS Patch 1.02 Now Available on Steam

A new patch, known as Patch 1.02, has been released for the Steam version of SENRAN KAGURA ESTIVAL VERSUS.

This patch will fix various bugs discovered in the game and re-map buttons for the PlayStation Styled controllers to Keyboard layouts.

1.02 Patch Notes:

  • Crash fixes from 1.01 are back in this version
  • L3 and R3 buttons are now assigned to X and B keys.
  • Lu Bu's hair will no longer mysteriously disappear in multiplayer
  • Fixed a bug where CPU difficulty could not be changed after starting a new lobby in multiplayer
  • Mouse can now be used to control the camera by holding down the left mouse button
  • Key bindings now save after quitting the game
  • All players in Shinobi Survival mode now continue with the same waves

Control Layout (PlayStation to Keyboard):

  • L Stick = WASD
  • R Stick = TGFH
  • D Pad = Arrow Keys
  • X Button = I
  • Y Button = O
  • A Button = K
  • B Button = L
  • L3 = X
  • R3 = B
  • L Bumper = Q
  • R Bumper = R
  • L Trigger = 1
  • R Trigger = 4
  • START Button = Tab
  • BACK Button = Esc

This 1.02 patch is now available on Steam and will download automatically for those who already have the game installed.

Those who have yet to download SENRAN KAGURA ESTIVAL VERSUS will receive this patched version as part of the main download.

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