Rock out to save Earth from alien invasion in Gal Metal, out now for Nintendo Switch

Make some noise for THE free-form rhythm experience of the year - Gal Metal is out now on Nintendo Switch! Take to the stage with your trusty Joy-Cons™ as you rock out to some meaty tracks with Japan's latest all-star girl band Kichijoji Metal Girls. Your Joy-Cons™ turn into drumsticks as you rock along with the music in order to repel would-be alien invaders.

Humanity's reckless broadcast of the Voyager probe's Golden Record has ruined the relative peace and quiet of the galactic home to an eight-tentacled alien species, so they've come to earth to exact their revenge! Parking their invasion force over a quiet Tokyo suburb, the aliens have abducted and merged the soul of a high school boy into the body of his classmate Rinko, who happens to be the drummer in her school's all-girl metal club.

Unfortunately for the aliens, this unlikely duo is determined to fight back with the only weapon they have: the power of Heavy Metal! Join up with fellow K.M.G. members Kia, Mani, Shimi and Eri, and unleash rocking drumbeats and metal riffs to protect the earth from these tentacled invaders while simultaneously trying to navigate daily life as a high school student.

Rock out to the beat in Gal Metal for Nintendo Switch

You'll also be rocking all over the world with Gal Metal: World Tour Edition, the limited physical retail edition available from selected retailers, containing the base game and Encore Pack DLC bundled together on the same Nintendo Switch cartridge, along with an exclusive set of Heavy Metal stickers featuring an assortment of in-game characters to customise your Switch or Joy-Con™ controllers.

Gal Metal is available to purchase digitally from today on the Nintendo Switch eShop. Gal Metal: World Tour Edition is available to purchase from selected retail stores - we will keep the list below updated with the stores from which you can buy Gal Metal: World Tour Edition.

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Save the earth from alien invasion with Japan's favourite all-girl rock band, K.M.G.