How to Access Global & Local Multiplayer in SENRAN KAGURA Peach Beach Splash

Earlier in the month Patch 1.02 for the European and North American versions of SENRAN KAGURA Peach Beach Splash was released, with it introducing Local and Global Multiplayer Matchmaking systems.

Since the patch has been released we have often been asked "how do i play with my North American/European friends?". Well to answer this question we have put together this little "How to" guide.

How to Access Global & Local Multiplayer:

  1. From the main menu highlight the Multi-Splash option and press X to enter the Multi-Splash (Multiplayer) menu of the game.

  2. From the Multi-Splash menu highlight the Multiplayer option of you choice. In this case you can choose between Ranked Match, Free Match and Co-Op Survival. 

  3. After highlighting your preferred Multiplayer Option, press the X button to enter local multiplayer* or press the △ button to enter global multiplayer**. 

    *Local Multiplayer will search for players within the same region (EU or NA).
    **Global Multiplayer will search for players across the world.

    If Global Multiplayer is selected then the following message will appear.

  4. Once the Multi-Splash game mode menu of your choice has loaded you will notice that it will say (Local Matchmaking) or (Global Matchmaking) next to it at the top of the screen.

    In this example we have chosen Ranked Match, so it displays Ranked Match (Global Matchmaking) on screen. If you have chosen Local Matchmaking for Ranked Match it would display Ranked Match (Local Matchmaking) on screen.

    The (Local Matchmaking) and (Global Matchmaking) next to the game mode text at the top of the screen is to highlight which Multiplayer connectivity type you are currently using; so please check that you are accessing the correct Multiplayer portion of the game before trying to connect with friends (or rivals).

  5. At this point you can continue as normal, such as choosing between 3v3 and 5v5 match types, setting up a room for Co-Op Survival and waiting for the match to begin.

Helpful Hints:

  • When searching for a room in 'Free Match' or 'Co-Op Survival' the search options have to be exact otherwise the room will not appear. For example searching for 'any' or 'random' will pick a random (unspecified map and rule settings) rather than searching all available maps and rule sets.
  • In Free Match & Co-Op Survival AI characters can be added by highlighting an open slot in the lobby and pressing the △ button. 
  • If you are experiencing connectivity issues, such as connection drops or lag in Global Multiplayer, please check that your consoles NAT settings are at least NAT2 type.
  • You can change character from any Multiplayer Menu by pressing the L1 button
  • You can change your current characters load out from any Multiplayer Menu by pressing the △ button.
  • Due to the different time zones the popularity of online multiplayer can vary and as such some short waiting periods can be expected. 

SENRAN KAGURA Peach Beach Splash is available both physically and digitally within Europe.

A Physical Collector’s Edition, known as the ‘Girls of Paradise’ Edition, containing a physical copy of the game plus an array of refreshing physical goods, is also available from Amazon UK.

A Digital Deluxe Edition, known as the ‘Sexy Soaker’ Edition, containing a digital soundtrack app, and exclusive DLC is available for purchase from the PlayStation®Store.

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