Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star DLC Schedule Announced!

We are today proud to unveil our DLC Schedule for Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star which will be released onto the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in both Digital and Retail formats on the 20th January 2017 within the UK, Europe and Australia.

Throughout it's launch window Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star will receive a wide-variety of costume related Downloadable Content, including those inspired by the Fate/Stay Night anime and manga series; and these will be released on a weekly basis starting from the game's European release date.

From the 20th January 2017 players will be able to purchase a variety of outfits for their favourite characters within the game; afterwhich each week a new selection of content will be released. Each content can be purchased individually or as a Week Mega Bundle with each of the bundles offering a discount when compared to buying them on their own.

All DLC Content is cross-buy compatible; so you will gain access to both PS4 and PS Vita versions of the costumes.

The Shackled Bride Outfit, which is currently being offered with PS4 Digital Pre-orders, and the Cold-Blooded Warden outfit, which will be offered as a 2 Week Launch Day Edition for the PS Vita on the 20th January 2017, are exclusive to these bundles and can not be purchased separately.

The full DLC Schedule for Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star can be found below; with pricing to be confirmed when launched:

Launch Week (20th January 2017):

  • Black Speedo
  • Casual Vacances
  • Charming Bunny
  • Gravure Vacances
  • Praise My Charming Beauty
  • Resort Vacances
  • Rose Vacances
  • Sweet Room Dream
  • Vacances D'ete

Week 2 (27th January 2017):

  • April Magical
  • Gorgon Variant
  • Mysterious Heroine
  • Original Mythic
  • Sable Mage

Week 3 (3rd February 2017):

  • Altera Next Door
  • Cheerleader
  • Deep Crimson Dress
  • Girl from Orelans
  • Mecha Lady Medusa
  • Spring Casual
  • Summer Memory

Week 4 (10th February 2017):

  • Black Bushin Super Skeleton
  • British Waiter
  • Flower Co-Ordinator
  • Formal King
  • Immoral Biker Jacket
  • Mr. Li's Ruffian Get-Up
  • Slash and Connect
  • Transient Casual
  • Young Lancer

Week 5 (17th February 2017):

  • Fate/Stay Night Model (Artoria)
  • Fate/Stay Night Model (Gilgamesh)
  • Fate/Stay Night Model (Nameless)

Further details on each piece of DLC content, such as pricing, will be confirmed on the day of their launch.

Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star will be available for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on the 20th January 2017. You can also order the Moon Crux Edition of the game directly from our store.

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